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NSDA 2012 Western regional symposium announced

February 16, 2012

I had been diagnosed with spasmodic dysphonia for a few years before I ever attended a National Spasmodic Dysphonia Association (NSDA) event.

I certainly knew there were other people with SD, but I hadn’t met any. Getting information on SD for me consisted of research on the internet.

But attending an NSDA regional symposium made a huge difference for me. Not only was it good to hear from doctors treating patients and researchers searching for a cure — it was also good to speak with so many others with SD.

Reading about what to expect from the condition and treatments is, without a doubt, very helpful.

But being able to compare notes with others was a great experience.

How old were you when you were diagnosed? Did you have a misdiagnosis first? Was it muscle tension dysphonia? GERD? Did they send you to see a speech therapist? How often do you get Botox shots? Do you get them on both sides or unilateral? Etc.

So it’s great news IMHO that the NSDA has announced its first regional symposium of 2012. Here is some of the information directly from NSDA’s website:

Save the date for the 2012 NSDA Western Regional Symposium Phoenix, AZ, on April 28, 2012. We will delve into the latest research on spasmodic dysphonia along with discussing practical ways to live with the disorder. Expect plenty of time for questions and answers along with interaction between the medical faculty and people with SD.

For more information on the Phoenix symposium, click here.

Of course, for various reasons, it’s not possible for all people with SD to attend a symposium. But interaction with others with SD is still possible closer to home.

SD support groups are available in many parts of the country. The NSDA has a list of groups on its website (click here).

I’ll be in Phoenix in late April. Maybe I’ll see you there!